Michelle Hirschfield joined us Wednesday to discuss some great ways to get fueled up for the rest of the week. While most people start off the day with coffee, there’s actually a tea that has more caffeine and offers a variety of flavors. 

[Caffeine Informer] Zest Highly Caffeinated Tea

Since Zest is touted for being more caffeinated than a cup of coffee, I decided to replace my daily 2 cups of coffee with 2 Zest High Octane Teas. I had one Blue Lady Black first thing in the morning and a Pomegranate Mojito Green at about 10am.

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[SororiTea Sisters] Earl Grey Black Tea from Zest Tea 

With this cup of Earl Grey Black Tea from Zest Tea, I have now tried all four teas offered by Zest Tea.  And if you are familiar with me as a tea drinker, you might notice that I’ve saved what I thought would be the best tea for last.  Earl Grey? Um … yes, please!  It’s a rare occasion – very rare! – when I’ll turn down a cup of my beloved, the suave and charming Mr. Grey. And this Earl Grey is quite charming, indeed! 


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[SororiTea Sisters] Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea from Zest Tea 

I took the opportunity to taste this tea several times before I sat down and write a review about it, and I’m glad that I did. This is one blend that took a little “tweaking”on my part to find the right brewing temperature and time to get the most out of the tea. 

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[SororiTea] Apple Cinnamon Black Tea from Zest Tea

From the moment I cut into the pouch of this Apple Cinnamon Black Tea from Zest Tea, I could smell the apple!  It took me a little by surprise because I figured I’d probably smell the cinnamon – and I do! – because cinnamon is a very fragrant spice but apple can sometimes be a subtle aroma in flavored teas like this.  But the apple here is abundant and very aromatic, right along with the cinnamon.  It’s lovely! 

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[SororiTea] Blue Lady Black Tea from Zest Tea

I thought that this Blue Lady Black Tea from Zest Tea was the ideal tea to review on tax day.  We got to get those taxes done and in the mail, right?  Actually, I finished my taxes in the first week of February, but, I know that there are those who don’t get them done and April 15th always seems to be crunch day, right?  So, this one’s for you! 

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[Philly.com] We Tried It: Zest Tea, More Caffeine Than a Cup of Coffee 

We here at the Philly.com newsroom live and breathe a lifestyle of coffee. It’s the thing that wakes our senses in the morning and keeps us alert all day. So when we received a box in the mail from Philadelphia-based company Zest Tea, a product which claims to be the most caffeinated tea on the market, we were intrigued and skeptical.

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[Philly.com] Don't like coffee? How about tea with a caffeine punch 

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Zest Tea?

A: A friend and I are tea drinkers and discussed ways to make tea more caffeinated without the side effects of coffee. We began blending our own teas to increase the caffeine punch.

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[Possessed by Caffeine] Zest Tea

I am not really much of a tea drinker.  Yes, I do love my Celestial Seasonings Fast Lane variety and have had quite a few good tea based energy drinks, but by and large I would rather settle down with a big cuppa joe than a cup of Earl Grey.  The reasons for this are threefold. Firstly, I am impatient as hell, and I can never wait long enough or my tea to finish before I start drinking it, and secondly, teas are rarely powerful enough to keep me going through the day.   Thirdly, I am not really a subtle guy, and most teas are very subtly flavored  - lacking that same exquisite kick that you get from smelling a freshly roasted and filled cup of coffee. All that might soon change...

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