13 Food Startups Changing What We Eat

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Since the recession, The United States has found itself in an entrepreneurial boom. Recent college graduates have ventured into the unknown waters of startups at unprecedented levels. Inspired by companies like Uber and Slate, these young entrepreneurs have sought ways to redefine old industries.

Foodies have also risen to prominence in the last 5 years. Due to a push towards health and sustainability, Americans have become increasingly experimental with their food habits. No longer does the simple burger satisfy their taste buds

The simultaneous rise of foodies and entrepreneurs has led to some extremely interesting and inventive food startups. These companies are changing what we consume for our three meals a day. As a startup, we have had the opportunity to get to know some of these inventive companies. Look below for Zest’s 13 favorite food startups.


                      1. Banza

Banza Pasta Logo

Banza pasta, made from chickpeas, has created the first ever pasta with actual nutritional value. Banza has as much protein as most energy bars and twice the fiber of normal pasta. All of this is done without substituting a great taste.



               2. Hampton Creek

Hampton Creek Logo
Hampton Creek seeks to rethink and then redefine various food products. So far their eggless cookie dough, mayo and cookies have been a huge hit. We can’t wait to see what’s next.            


                        3. Exo

Exo Bars Exo uses insects as an alternative and healthy protein source. Their food bars made from cricket flower have thus far been a huge success. 



                4. Public House

Public House Wine PicturePublic House hopes to redefine how Millenials drink wine. The wine is designed for easy motility for the casual social drinker of the new age.



              5. Vital Juice Company

Vital Juice Co

Vital Juice seeks to bring the freshness of a fruit right to you. They never use fillers, binders, concentrates, powders or frozen purees in hopes to bring you the freshest and best tasting juice.




               6. Sonoma CiderSonoma Cider

 Sonoma Cider makes some great organic Ciders. Through a partnership of experienced dad and creative son, they want to continue pushing the envelope of what a cider can do.




                    7. Botan

BotanTo round out the drinks, Botan has created a healthy plant based drink with 12 grams soluble fiber and only 110 calories. Great taste, and healthy. Can’t go wrong.



                  8. Cafe Canele

Cafe CaneleCafe Canele has created a delicious twist on the sweet and savory cenele treat. Perfect as a treat beside a Zest tea.



            9. Charles Chocolates

Charles CocolatesA chocolate company defined by an attention to detail, Charles Chocolates from San Francisco hand makes wonderful chocolates that everyone can enjoy.  

             10. Probar Bolt Energy

Probar Bolt Energy
Bolt Energy aims to stir up the likes of Monster and Red Bull with their line of long lasting energy gummies. They last longer and taste better than your average energy drink.



              11. Gotham Cookies

Gotham CookiesGotham Cookies takes cookies to the next level with new, creative flavors. Furthermore, they will hand deliver the cookies if you are in New York City.




                12. Saladshots

SaladshotsSaladshots has changed how we look at salad dressing with their new flavors that everyone can enjoy. They hope to be the Ben & Jerry’s of salads.



           13. Allgood Provisions

Allgood Provisions
Allgood is an awesome new snack company that provides organic foods such as Cashews, Trail Mix and Pistachios.

Oh, and of course our true favorite: Zest Tea energy blends.

Alex Witherspoon
Alex Witherspoon


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