6 Great Gifts for the Caffeine Lover in Your Life

Finding the perfect gift can certainly be a challenge, but if the person you are shopping for cannot function without a steady supply of caffeine, we’ve got 6 great gift ideas that are sure to please.


  1. Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug
    Keep caffeinated beverages the right temperature for hours on end with a stainless steel vacuum insulated travel mug. There are many options out there with a variety of shapes, colors, handles and lids. Zojirushi mugs are particularly well reviewed and Contigo mugs are a good option at a lower price point. Each boast heat and cold retention times of 6+ hours to keep drink temperatures just right. Goldilocks would approve.
  2. High Caffeine Tea
    Most caffeine addicts seem to be coffee drinkers. Give the caffeine addict on your list (and their stomach) a break from the coffee without sacrificing the energy. Help them to mix up their morning routine with Zest Tea. This tea has as much caffeine as coffee, but without the jitters or crash. Not sure if they would like tea? Blue Lady is a crowd pleaser for coffee and tea drinkers alike.
  3. Amazing Mugs
    The caffeine addict on your list might already have a million mugs, but what’s one more? Especially when it’s this great. Thug Kitchen’s Big Ass Mug of Get Shit Done ranks top on our list, but if your recipient wants a little less profanity at the office, there are mugs for late night television fans, your parents, rock climbers and those who are sick of adulting.
  4. Step Up Your Sweetener
    If your caffeine addict prefers their beverages a little sweetened, why not give them something new to try? Try vanilla powder, vanilla sugar, flavored liquid stevia or local honey to mix up their mornings.
  5. Caffeine you can eat
    You don’t just have to drink your caffeine anymore. You can get it through chocolate, gum and even hot sauce. Why not try out one of these funky caffeine alternatives at least as a stocking stuffer?
  6. Caffeine Molecule Merchandise
    Perfect for the nerdy caffeine addict, you can buy caffeine molecule shirts, prints and jewelry. Who knew?


And there you have it. From the funny to the practical, there’s sure to be something on this list the caffeine addicts on your list will love (almost as much as they love their caffeine).

Karyn Vilbig
Karyn Vilbig


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