What is Blue Lady Tea?

What is Blue Lady Tea?


What is Blue Lady Tea?

The reigning queen of Zest Tea flavors, Blue Lady is a firm favorite in the Zest fam. But she can be a little mysterious at times, so let us introduce you and explain a thing or two about this juicy tea blend.


Blue Lady Tea


What Blue Lady is All About

Sultry, fragrant, and juicy. She’s a tasteful blend of black tea, fruity flavors and bright colors. That’s Blue Lady in a nutshell.

Blue Lady was the first to join the Zest team. She’s a classic! All our energy teas are designed to provide a generous boost of energy through high caffeine levels, but in a natural way. That’s why we use tea extract to boost the energy, so you also get a hit of L-Theanine.

It’s this unique amino acid in tea that has a synergistic effect with caffeine, to help you find the calm and focus you need to channel your energy.

There’s an interesting article about the science behind our high energy teas you can read, but here’s the gist.


“Plant-based energy and focus, with no jitters and no crash.”


Zest Blue Lady


What Flavor is Blue Lady Tea?

Blue Lady is a black tea blend with fruity, citrusy and tropical notes. But she’s not too sweet. It’s an elegant and refreshing flavor that’s perfect for a quick tea break to re-energize. 

You’ll find hints of citrusy lemon and orange, with curious tropical notes from passionfruit and hibiscus.

Brew her hot ‘n cozy, for that must-have first tea of the morning.

Or, try her cold ‘n sweet, poured over ice with a drop of honey.

Blue Lady Ingredients

We use a blend of black tea, fruit pieces, flower petals, and flavorings to make Blue Lady sing. But she doesn’t need any auto-tuning - that’s why all our ingredients are natural and non-GMO certified. 

Pssst. There’s no sugar, either.

Here are the ingredients that make Blue Lady so tasty!

 South Indian flowery orange pekoe black tea

We source our high-quality FOP black tea from South India. It has that delicious black tea “oh yeah” flavor. Not too bold, not too weak. Utterly satisfying.

Cornflower Petals

A peppering of cornflower petals add some natural beauty to this tea blend. Blue Lady wouldn’t be blue without the flecks of pretty cornflower petals.

Hibiscus flower C/S (cut and sifted)

Hibiscus flowers have an amazing tart berry flavor, even though they aren’t actually a fruit! We blend in cut and sifted hibi for a rounded, fruity flavor.

Orange peel

Putting the zest in Zest. A little orange peel gives Blue Lady a citrusy zing that brightens the cup and works so well with the black tea.

Juicy lemon, orange and passion fruit

A dash of each flavoring really makes Blue Lady pop. Of course, the sweet, tropical notes from our lemon, orange and passion fruit flavors are still totally natural, non-GMO, and sugar free.

Natural caffeine

This is where the magic happens. We add tea extract to our tea blends, so we can boost the caffeine with plant-derived energy. 

Blue Lady contains 150mg of caffeine per cup, which is more than coffee and 3x the caffeine of a standard black tea.

Three Formats to Choose From

Our Blue Lady is versatile - you can find her in three different formats.

  1. Tea bag pyramids - just pop one in your mug, pour over boiling water, and let the tea brew for 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Loose leaf tea - add a spoonful of loose leaf to our Zest Infuser Mug, pour over water, and remove the basket infuser once your tea has brewed.
  3. CBD loose leaf tea - we’ve added premium hemp-derived THC-free CBD extract to loose leaf Blue Lady for extra focus and calm. It may help with anxiety and sleep too!


Where to Buy Zest Blue Lady Tea

Straight from the source is always best. You can find Blue Lady available in all formats on our website, ZestTea.com

We ship all our Blue Lady products across the US (there’s free delivery over $40, by the way), and our international shoppers can get their hands on Blue Lady tea bags and loose leaf as well.

If you’re new to Zest, check out the Mega Sampler Pack, so you can test all our flavors to find your favorite.

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