Why is there little or no jitters and crash with Zest?

Zest Tea is packed with amino acids, including L-Theanine, which has a synergistic relationship with caffeine and helps to moderate caffeine's effects. Read more here

How much caffeine is in Zest?

135 - 160mg of caffeine, give or take. The natural caffeine level of teas varies slightly, so the actual content could be a few mg more or less than the stated range, but the variations will be minor.

Is it really the most caffeinated tea on the market? 

As far as we know, yes it is. And by quite a margin. Zest has about 3x the caffeine of normal teas, or about as much caffeine as a regular cup of joe.

Can the level of caffeine be harmful?

In high doses caffeine can be harmful, but Zest Tea's have an amount that is generally considered safe. Zest's caffeine levels are comparable to a cup of coffee.

Are your teas gluten and/or sugar free?

All of Zest Tea's blends are gluten free and while there is naturally a very small amount of sugar in some of the the blend materials (fruits), the final brewed product is sugar free.

How do you make the tea's have higher caffeine?

We have developed an innovative proprietary blending method that enhances the caffeination levels. The blending is similar to traditional tea blending methods, but with flavoring that increases caffeination levels. 

Why are there only four blends?

We started with only four blends so we could focus on building the company and making high quality products. Don’t worry, more will come later. If you have suggestions, let us know here.

Where do the base teas used in Zest originate?

Most of our base teas come from the Nilgiri region of India and the Anhui province of China.



Where is Zest Tea located?

Baltimore, Maryland

Is Zest hiring?

Not actively, but we’ll take a look at any resumes sent our way (send em to team@getzesttea.com). 

Does Zest Tea work with bloggers or influencers?

We love working with bloggers and influencers! If you are interested in collaborating, send an email to team@getzesttea.com.




Do you ship Zest Tea internationally?

Yes we ship internationally, but charge for shipping at cost. To see current shipping rates you can refer to our international shipping pricing page. If you do not see your country or would like to order more than 4 lbs (12 tins/refills) of product, please email us at Team@getzesttea.com.

Is Zest Tea available in store?

You can see a map our our current retail availability here. Not by you yet? Never fear. We are always looking to expand. If you know of a store (or own one) that would be interested in Zest, we’re all ears!

Can I purchase Zest wholesale and/or become a distributor?

If you are interested in wholesale and/or distribution of Zest you can go to our wholesale request page