Subscription Plan FAQs

Where do I log in to see my account?

Log in at

How can I delay my subscription?

Send an email to and we can take care of it!

How can I change my subscription?

Log in to your account at and scroll down to “Subscription” click Edit.

Edit Subscription

On the first page you can choose the frequency of deliver. On the next page, you can choose your addons. Remember you must have at least 2 addons per subscription. Don’t forget to confirm your changes on the third page. Changes will show in your account beginning on your next billing date.

I changed my subscription, why aren’t the changes showing in my account?

Your changes will not show until your next billing date. But no need to worry, they were saved and will go into effect.

Can I use a discount code on my subscription?

Because subscriptions already come with such a steep discount, you cannot apply additional discounts to them.