Mini Sampler 5 Pack


Type: Black Tea

Mini Sampler 5 Pack

For a limited time only, buy 5 mini sampler packs and save. 

Our mini sampler packs make great stocking stuffers for all of the coffee and tea lovers on your list. With this offer, you get 5 mini sampler packs for $25 plus free shipping. 

Each Mini Sampler pack contains 8 sachets (2 of each flavor). This contains 5 Mini Sampler Packs for a total of 40 sachets. Each of the 5 sampler packs contains a Zest Tea sticker and a card.

Zest Tea is a line of premium energy teas with the same energizing kick of coffee. While our teas have comparable caffeine levels to coffee—about three times the levels of traditional teas—the amino acids in Zest help reduce the jitters and crash associated with most caffeinated products, resulting in a steady and prolonged alertness.

The four flavors are:

Cinnamon Apple Black Tea: Our lusty Indian Nigiri Black tea marries a scrumptious blend of apple and cinnamon flavors, graciously speckled with apple pieces and cinnamon chips to deliver a plush cupped dessert. The Cinnamon and Apple meld together for a uniquely American flavored black tea!

Blue Lady Black Tea: As the name implies, this is a mysterious tea with a blend of soft floral notes of hibiscus and a tropical tango of lemon, orange and passionfruit.

Earl Grey Black Tea: A remarkable blend of Nilgiri black Indian teas flavored with the citrus oil, bergamot. The tea is named for Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey, who made it famous in the 1830s. This extremely popular blend is the perfect afternoon tea. Best served in the traditional fashion, hot with milk and sugar.

Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea: A unique spin off of the Cuban Mojito, a drink traditionally featuring the zesty flavors of mint and lime. Pomegranate gently compliments these predominate flavors against a smooth and delicate green tea base. This tranquil blend is perfect for a summer afternoon, and is delicious both hot and iced.

Caffeine: Approximately 150 mg/ cup - About the same as a cup of coffee! 

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