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Passionfruit Berry

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Pomegranate Mint

4 cans
Spiced Chai Infusion

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Passionfruit Berry
Spiced Chai Infusion
Pomegranate Mint


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Why is Zest Sparkling Tea a healthier energy drink?

Because the main ingredient is our great tasting tea, we don’t need to add chemicals, artificial sweeteners or a ton of sugar. Zest Tea is packed with L-Theanine, an amino acid naturally found in tea that reduces the jitters and crash typically associated with caffeinated drinks. So you’ll feel a smoother sense of energy and won’t need to constantly reach for another drink in order to stay alert.

How much sugar in a can?

Each can has 13-15g of sugar: 1/3 of what you’d find in a Red Bull.

How do your teas get the extra caffeine?

From all-natural tea extract. Basically, we extract caffeine from tea and add it into more tea. Zest Sparkling Teas are all natural, but have the same caffeine levels as coffee.

How did you come up with these flavors?

The most common request from our hot tea customers was for a cold, ready-to-drink version. We tested 45 flavors and received feedback from over 10,000 people who consume energy drinks. The three in your trial pack were the clear winners.

How can I change or cancel my two month trial subscription?

It’s easy and you can do it any time. Log in to with the email you used at checkout. You’ll see a link to manage your subscription. From there you can skip a delivery, change the flavors, change frequency, or even cancel your subscription. There are no penalties whatsoever for canceling. You can also contact us for any reason. Our team is always happy to help.

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