Post Grad Problems: 13 Daily Struggles Of The Recent Grad

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You graduated college, found a steady, though sometimes boring job, and have convinced yourself that you are capable of being a full adult. Suddenly, the alarm for work blares. You look around to find half eaten Goldfish strewn across the floor, and your computer open with Netflix playing. The amount of mental and physical strength it takes to get off the couch confirms that binge watching Narcos until 3am was not the right decision. You imagine the looks of disdain your parents would give if they saw you right now.


This is just a small example of the struggle that is being a Post Grad. A struggle defined by trying to live like you are still in college despite actually having real responsibilities (sorry college students but walking to pick up the care package your mom sent you does not count). But don’t worry Post Grads, you’re not alone. Check out some of the classic Post Grad Problems below that we can all relate to. 



1. You never believed the 2:30 feeling would hit you until now

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2. When you get home and have to feed yourself

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3. And even worse, when you realize eating Cup O’ Noodles every day is not sustainable

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4. When your parents says they are coming to visit (The college “clean enough” motto no longer works)

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5. Realizing that the best cure for a hangover is being under the age of 24

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6. The alarm clock becomes the worst enemy

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7. When your boss asks you a question and you suddenly blank

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8. Messing up, but still trying to convince everyone you are really smart

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9. Once your parents take you off the Netflix and HBOGo accounts, the search begins

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10. Paying the bills like

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11. Acting like you are actually doing work

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12. Dealing with coworkers

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13. Then you realize that if you can get up at 6am every day, you really are an independent adult that can take on most problems without total failure

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Alex Witherspoon
Alex Witherspoon


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